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Let me make it clear about fusion car Air brake system

Let me make it clear about fusion car Air brake system

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You really need to learn part 5: Air brake system before reading this. The braking system has parts to control the trailer brakes, in addition to the parts described in Section 5 in combination vehicles. These components are described below.

6.2.1 – Trailer Hand Valve

The trailer hand valve (also referred to as the trolley valve or Johnson club) works the trailer brake system. The trailer hand valve ought to be utilized simply to test the trailer brake system. Don’t use it in driving due to the risk of making the trailer skid. The base braking system delivers atmosphere to all or any of this brakes regarding the automobile (such as the trailer[s]). There was significantly less risk of causing a jackknife or skid when working with simply the base braking system.

Never ever utilize the hand valve for parking because all of the atmosphere might leak away unlocking the brake system (in trailers that do not have springtime brake system). Always utilize the parking brake system whenever parking. In the event that trailer doesn’t have springtime brake system, usage wheel chocks to help keep the trailer from going.

6.2.2 – Tractor Protection Valve

The tractor security valve keeps atmosphere into the tractor or vehicle brake system if the trailer break away or establish bad drip. The“trailer controls the tractor protection valve atmosphere supply” control valve into the cab. The control valve lets you start and shut the tractor security valve. The tractor security valve shall shut immediately if air stress is low (when you look at the variety of 20 to 45 psi). If the tractor security valve closes, it prevents any fresh atmosphere from losing sight of the tractor.